I’m an incoming PhD student at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) co-advised by Tommi Jaakkola and Regina Barzilay. My research focuses on Graph and Geometric Representation Learning and their application to challenging problems in biochemistry and medicine.

I recently graduated from the University of Cambridge where I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Pietro Lió and Jure Leskovec. In summer 2021, I have interned at Twitter Research under the supervision of Michael Bronstein. Previously, I interned at D.E. Shaw and Alchera Technologies as a machine learning researcher and at IBM and STMicroelectronics as a software engineer.

I am also part of the core team and mentor at LeadTheFuture, a nonprofit organization helping talented Italian university and high school students reach their potential.

You can contact me via email at gcorso at mit dot edu. I am always happy to give talks about any topic in my research publications. Contact me if you are interested!



  • December 2020: University of Cambridge invited by Mateja Jamnik
  • November 2020: AstraZeneca invited by Eliseo Papa